"If you want something you've never had, You'll have to do something you've never done!"

Hi there, I'm Nicole Carey! The girl behind it all! I was born and raised in Seattle, WA and am lucky to still be in the beautiful place I know, love and call home!

I have a passion for all things lifestyle. Creating new recipes. decorating our home with my A+ designer (my husband Christopher), beauty, fashion & more! 

I met my husband, Christopher in May of 2017! God literally placed each other in our paths. We met through a mutual friend, "DTRd" within 24 hours of meeting and you could say the rest is history! We dated for two years and got married exactly on our 2 year anniversary of being together! He is my pride & joy in all things! I couldn't imagine having someone better than him to navigate through life with!

Christopher is my world. I could go on and on about how perfect he is! But truly, he is down to earth, keeps me grounded in what is most important and is the best reality check a girl could ever ask for! He currently works as a Home Inspector and loves what he does! I couldn't be more proud of who he is and I will be sure to share bits and pieces of him for you!

Outside of blogging and influencing, I work in Commercial Real Estate as a Tenant Event Coordinator. I am the go-to gal for hands on planning and executing of Events and tenant connection. It's such a dream job and I'm so lucky to work for the company and team that I do!

As far as education goes, I went to conventional college and it wasn't for me! I decided that I wanted to go to trade school and become a Licensed Esthetician. That is exactly what I did!  This was actually a dream of mine back in HS but I pushed it aside.. I finally decided that I would fulfill that dream! In March of 2018 I graduated from The Euro Institute of Skin Care and was licensed shortly after! It was such a fun time in my life & I am so grateful for all of the knowledge that I now have! It is something I will always cherish in my heart! 

Welcome to my little baby, Nicole Carey Co.! It was conceptualized and dreamed of for years! I remember working day in and day out pouring my mind into paper and little did I know I was manifesting this to come to life each time I believed in myself.

I needed something to fill my time during COVID-19 and the quarantine we were in. I started posting daily on my personal Instagram as I would bake in my stories. My followers loved it and I knew that this was my way of escaping the world and putting happiness into everyone's life during such a hard time.

I officially created NCC in June of 2020. I wanted to brand what I was doing and create a place that people could go to get my recipes and have all of my content in a centralized place! I whipped up a website during it all, a new Instagram.. the whole nine yards! I was committing to this! And here we are... already 3 websites in within 6 months!

I've continued to push forward in all that I do! I love inspiring, being a light for others and being a go-to source for recipes, home décor inspo or a place to get some wonderful beauty tips!

I'm truly SO happy you are here! I'm grateful for each and every one of you that believes in me, encourages me and gives me a reason to keep on moving forward! I can't wait to see where we will end up!

xoxo, Nicole Carey

Wife, Commercial Tenant event coordinator and Lifestyle Influencer

Hi, I'm Nicole!