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July 10, 2020

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Amazon Baking Supplies Haul!

Hello & HAPPY FRIDAY! Last week I did a little IGTV on my Instagram @nicolecareyco with a haul on my newest Amazon Baking Supply finds! I love getting last minute things sent to me and being able to find new products that aren’t easy to find at Williams-Sonoma, Crate & Barrel or the grocery store! I hope you enjoy all of my finds and can find something useful or fun to add to your baking arsenal! <3

Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Ceramic Pie Crust Weights!

The first thing that I wanted to try were PIE WEIGHTS!! If you are “blind” baking a pie, which means you’re pre-baking the pie crust for your filling.. you NEED these! These help you to get the *perfect pie crust*, without forming air pockets that bubble up or shrinking while in the oven! And who DOESN’T want a perfect pie crust!

Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Pie Crust Protector Shield

Pie Crust Shields are a MUST-HAVE if you want the perfect color to your pie! Edges of pies are always the first to get done and if you over-bake them, it ruins the whole aesthic of your pie! You know I’m always here to make sure your pies turn out PRETTY and PERFECT!!! <3 Let me help you learn from my mistakes so that you don’t have to be defeated in the kitchen!! These pie shields are perfect to protect your little babes. I’ve tried silicone ones and they do NOT live up to the hype. Give these metal ones a try and I’m sure your pies will turn out amazingly wonderful!

10 Pack of 9 inch Disposable Pie Tins + Kraft Boxes

Since we were out on the water for the Fourth of July, I didnt want to take my cute ceramic dishes and have the chance of them getting damaged on the boat. I also wanted to have some disposable pie tins + boxes on hand for any reason if I wanted to make a pie-to-go for friends or family! These are hands down the BEST ones I could find on Amazon! Most others were tins that you would find for salads at Cafe Rio.. not quite what you need when making a pie! I loved using these and they were perfect and just what I was looking for! I plan to get stickers made of my logo to put on top, just to brand it and make it fun!!

Rubbermaid Stainless Steel Instant Read Oven Monitoring Thermometer

My friend and I got to talking about baking the other night while out at dinner! She’s a pro baker for Macarons! I told her that I NEEDED to learn how to make them! I haven’t taken the time to venture out on my own and learn the process it takes to make them.. so we decided we needed to get together and have a fun day of baking! The main point she brought up was that your oven needs to be exactly at 300 degrees in order for them to turn out! She said to buy an oven thermometer off of Amazon and I would be good-to-go! I’m excited to get together and learn from her! Now, I need to decide on what flavor combo we will make!!!! YAY! 🙂

Bob’s Red Mill Decorative Sparkling Sugar

This sugar is absolutely INCREDIBLE!! If you saw my last post about my Potbelly Sugar Cookies, you know this is my FAVE sugar to use! I put this on top of my pies, cookies.. literally anything you want to be sparkly, cute and fun! It’s hard to find in the grocery stores of late and my recommendation would be to get a big box off of Amazon! The value is wonderful and it lasts a long time! Run and go get it!!!

Nielsen-Massey Pure Vanilla Extract, 8 ounces

If you’ve followed me for a while on my IG @nicolexcarey before I made Nicole Carey Co. (@nicolecareyco), you KNOW that Nielsen-Massey is my fave fave FAVE brand on the world!! Their vanilla is beyond any other that I’ve tried. Like anything in the kitchen and basically in life.. in order to get quality products you’ve got to pay a little bit more. And let me tell you.. it. is. WORTH. IT!!!

Nielsen-Massey Pure Vanilla Bean Paste, 4 ounces

Vanilla Bean Paste is the best. thing. EVERRRRRR. Let me tell you, there is nothing that can replace my love for Nielsen-Massey’s quality, flavor and perfection wrapped into this product. If you make anything from cream pies to whipped cream at home…. you NEED this! I absolutely love the little sophisticated vanilla bean dots in it. Whenever I eat something that has those cute dots, it makes me a little bit more happy to know that the vanilla taste will be that much more rich! If you’ve never used a Vanilla Bean Paste before, just know that you can use this in replacement of Vanilla Extract and in almost everything! You WILL find a new use in the kitchen for this and you will be IMPRESSED with the flavor and love that will come for this product in your kitchen!


I love you all & I hope this inspired you to find something new or fun to add to your baking routine! Let me know if you liked this & I will be sure to share more products that I use or find that I love over time!

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