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September 8, 2020

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VERY Minimal + Neutral Fall Decor

Minky Couture Throw shown in Sandra! SHOP HERE

I love Fall! As does every other girl in the world!! Although, I’m a little different than the others with my decorating style! I’m obsessed with the changing of seasons BUT I’m not the hugest enthusiast of bright Fall decor with a ton of color. Trust me, I love the beauty of nature and the color of the crunchy leaves blowing around, pumpkin patches and all the things Autumn! Just not in my home!

When it comes to decor in general, I’m VERY neutral throughout all the seasons! Christmas is the only one I go a little more crazy on! It’s just me & how I like our home to be! It brings me so much peace walking into a room where my brain doesn’t have too much going on and I can just think!

We live in an apartment right now and that limits us on space we can decorate. You can say it helps us be simple and purposeful with our decor! It’s honestly nice because it keeps us under control!!! We only decorate our living room because our bedroom is already decorated how we like it! I will be sharing our room soon!!!

The first thing I did was add a more rich of a color in our throw. I bought a new one from Pottery Barn this year but ended up returning it because the fabric was scratchy!!! This throw pictured above is from Minky Couture! Super soft and we LOVE the quality! Usually I have a white one from Minky Couture on the couch but I had to add a more fall, neutral brown in! SHOP the throw HERE!

Pottery Barn Frosted Glass Pumpkin

Glass Pumpkins!! This is a must and a go-to for me! We have a couple different varieties from over the years… but like I said earlier we only have so much space.

I have a set of the Frosted Glass Pumpkins pictured above in various sizes. I got them from Pottery Barn, shocker!!! I only wanted to showcase ONE this year with a couple of my favorite books underneath it to elevate the look! It was too crowded when I put all three of them on the table… AND if you watched my stories today, I broke one of the stems… Not too bad but I was not happy with myself!!!! I’ll probably try to glue it back on! It should look just fine! #reallife

Pottery Barn Mercury Pumkins

These Glass Mercury Pumpkins are also from Pottery Barn! I set these out on our entertainment center next to our TV on some books as well! If you know me, you know I love mercury, silver and all things glam but simple in the process! & don’t forget WHITE!

Both of these sets were bought last year and unfortunately Pottery Barn doesn’t carry them anymore! I’m SORRY!!!

You can shop all of Pottery Barns in stock pumpkins HERE! There stock is low because of COVID but there are some different varieties you can check out!

We also have one more set of Mirrored & Plain glass ones from Pottery Barn that are in storage! Call me crazy!! I’m just prepping for when we have a larger home one day! Most collections don’t come back and if I find something I like, I have to get it right then and there. The #fomo is REALLLLL!

Crate and Barrel Pampas Bunches SHOP HERE

Now to our Pampas Grass!! It feels like Autumn wheat waving in a large field! It’s so beautiful, natural and light! Very subdued and doesn’t steal the show! Our Pampas Grass is linked HERE!

SUPER DUPER SIMPLE Fall Decor, I know! I hope you enjoyed getting a little peek inside my brain and our home! I have lots of other decor & it honestly changes weekly.. I will definitely keep you all updated! If you follow my Instagram you can see more of everyday decor in my Stories!!!!

Happy start to FALL!!!! Well, technically the 22nd of September! But who doesn’t want to get festive a little early! I love you all & I would LOVE for you to share all of your decor with me! It’s so fun seeing everyone’s personal style!!


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  1. Your home is gorgeous! I love the bright white and the classic decor. The glass pumpkins fit perfectly with your style!

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