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October 19, 2020

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October Idaho Trip | All the DEETS!

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HELLO helllllo! It’s been quite the month! As you can see, a little less active over here on the blog! Life has been crazy busy and I’ve been spending so many precious moments with family! I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

My older sister Jessica just had her first baby on the 1st of October! Last minute… and I mean LAST MINUTE I decided to drive over from Seattle, WA to Rexburg, ID with my parents to be there in support of her and this HUGE life change. It was the best last minute decision EVER!!!

I spent so much time with little baby Emery. She is a perfect little angel from heaven and I’m so very happy for my sister and brother-in-law.

The whole time I was there my boss was so gracious to let me work from home just based in Idaho! Have I told you how much I love my job?! I talked all about it on one of my recent IG posts! You know where to find it! 😉

Christopher joined us for the baby blessing weekend! Emery was blessed less than two weeks after being born!! SO precious! We were so grateful to spend this memorable moment with our whole family!

Here is little baby Emery all dressed up for her big day!!! One VERY cool detail is that her baby blessing dress is made out of my sisters WEDDING DRESS!!!! How special!!! My sister nails everything on the sentimental level!!!

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This is Christopher and I on the day of the blessing! Christopher made the weekend that much better! <3 He always puts family first and although he’s in his busy season at work… he spent 8 hours flying to get here with my brother in order to not miss Emery’s big day!

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We went to the CUTEST… and I mean cutest Country Store called “White Sparrow.” It is just outside Rexburg, Idaho… OH MY GOSH! If you ever get the chance to go.. you NEED to!!!! The owner is the most adorable human being ever and I promise one day she’s going to blow up like Joanna Gaines!!

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They have nothing but Southern Pies & they are DELICIOUS! Of course I took a picture for memories!

This is their bathroom…. like HELLO DARLIN’!!! I could live in the bathroom itself!!! The details were beyooooond dreamy!!!!

This is their BEAUTIFUL menu and quote about pies on the wall! You know me and pie!!! <3

Here is their perfect ordering area!!!! In loveeeee!

BUT! The most amazing experience occurred while we were there as well! Christopher was able to walk through his childhood home!!! The owners were SO gracious to let us walk through. We FaceTimed his parents the whole time and took a TON of pictures while Christopher reminisced of his first home he lived in until he was 8!!!

& lastly we were able to go visit Christopher’s grandparents grave! It’s been two years since we were out here for his Grandma’s passing.. The beautiful wreaths were handmade by my mother-in-law and placed there a couple months ago! How beautiful!!!

WELL! That is all! You can shop all of my looks below! Let me know if you love photo dumps! If you can see…. this is why I was a little MIA! Love you all & hope you have a great day!!!

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