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December 7, 2020

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White, Bright & Airy Master Bedroom!

I’ve been dying to do a little tour of our bedroom!!! For those of you that have followed me or are new to following me, you should know by now that I’m absolutely in LOVE with design shopping, decorating and making any place a home!

This is my serene oasis,, away from the world and all it’s noise! Over the past year it has changed A LOT! White, bright & airy is all I want in our home & I think this room checks all of those boxes! I can’t wait for you to see it all!

Currently we live in the Greater Seattle Area. Seattle is home for me, I was born and raised here. Christopher lived in this apartment before we were married & once we were married I moved in!

With moving in, I did what any good wife would do and I switched every last piece of décor that was in each square foot of our place! Mind you, I did help decorate and shop for his brand new apartment when he first moved in when we were dating!

Design is an ever-changing aspect of Christopher & I’s life! If you know us, you know it’s our absolute favorite thing to do together! Truly, it is each of our #1 personal hobbies & we are so lucky to share this love with each other!

It’s been so fun to see how our mutual design taste has intertwined together! Looking back, it’s CRAZY how much individually and collectively you can grow within nearly 4 years of being together! I will put a before photo of our bedroom! You’ll be SHOCKED when you see the comparison!

Our First Bedroom

In my opinion, it’s still BEAUTIFUL!!! We just wanted a lighter feel, which I explain below!!!! I’ve linked what I can + some similar options for this set-up!

My Design Style Described

My design style could be described in these words:

Bright: I want nothing but to feel happiness & joy when I walk into my home!

White: There is nothing better than something pure white.. nothing. It keeps my mind at ease and if you keep all tones in your house the same, it is so easy to add, change and redecorate with what you already have or when you find the perfect piece to add!

Airy: To be able to breathe and feel like you have room to think, feel your body relax and your mind to feel unshaken by the world around you… that is perfection.

Traditional/Classic: I love a good traditional look. Traditional will never go out of style, you can always add modern touches or trendy touches around it. The base of all things good is a clean pallet to work with!

Clean: Which leads into clean.. this not only reflects in decor but it reflects in your cleanliness. I want anyone to walk in and feel that my home is clean and I know that with my design style comes a clean feeling.

Timeless: Along with Traditional, I want my home and decor to be timeless. I want it to last.. and maybe even for it to be passed down to the next generation. I want it to feel grand and significant and when something is timeless, it does just that!

Sophisticated: Sophistication is something that I try to incorporate into all areas of my life. As I get older, I learn new ways and it’s so fun and refreshing. Layering pieces, texture on texture, using coasters, cute table settings.. it all goes into sophistication. Basically anything that you put extra effort into or a little extra personal touch will be your version of sophistication!

Peaceful: Through all of these design aspects, it is inevitable to feel peace in your home. When you intentionally are thoughtful with your design and how you decorate your home, you will feel your own peace and truly feel at home!

Glam: Who doesn’t like a little glam in their life? Touches of crystal, bougie flower arrangements, mirrors with character… everything adds up in order to make your home feel that much more elevated!

Crisp: This goes along with clean, you want all of your linens and surroundings to be crisp and perfect! Of course your home won’t always be “perfect” but if you aspire to have all things looking in tip top shape and having that crisp vibe.. it is that much more inviting to your guests and family members!

Our Updated Bedroom

I hope this explanation of my design style can help you understand me a little better and you can see how I tie in all of these aspects into all areas of my home and daily life!

Now, without further ado!!! Onto our bright, white and airy master bedroom! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Everything is linked or I have linked similar! If you have any questions, please reach out!

Nicole’s Bedside

This is my bedside! Shockingly, Christopher picked out our nightstands!!! My husband is unlike most men.. He absolutely LOVES design shopping and it’s our favorite thing to do together like I mentioned! It keeps us connected, especially in creating a home together! Christopher truly has an eye for design and is AMAZING at putting décor aspects together!!

I’m a firm believer that a home should be a place where both partners meet in the middle and love the design & décor aspects as much as the other.. of course every couple is different but having a curated home from both sides is the best feeling in the world!!!

My bedside setup switches all the time! & I truly mean alllll the time! It is so fun to play around and create beauty with whatever I want that day! I do my best to keep it clean and effortless! I never like things to be too busy! It causes me to feel anxious and that’s the last thing we want when in our own homes!

I basically have a built-in shelf on my nightstand, it is sooooo nice! You’re able to put books there and play around with two levels of designs. It’s so fun! When these pictures were taken I loved the empty look & feel. Right now, I have books stacked! It’s never-ending fun with design!

We have a temple picture up above to the right. We always have a picture of a temple in every room. It is a reminder of what is most important in our lives! If you want more info on what church we attend, you can click HERE!

One of our engagement photos is framed on top of two books with the most perfect Kleenex cover I could find anywhereeeee. I looked high and low! The shagreen and color on her is just amazing and it adds so much sophistication through the most simple item most everybody has on their nightstand! You can shop her HERE.

On the other side of my nightstand, I have this large bouquet from Venus et Fleur! Absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! These flowers last for over a year!! I have it placed on top of a very special item I received from a family member that I will always cherish! I look at it daily in awe of how someone made it. You can check out the Venus et Fleur selection HERE. You can also shop a doily like mine HERE.

Christopher’s Bedside

This is Christopher’s side of the bed! Do NOT touch his crystal towers! Those are his favorite piece in our whole entire home! Simplistic, timeless and glam!!! All things I talked about above! I sure married the right husband!!!

Here is a more up-close picture of his side. We have a clock to the right of his crystal towers on a glass tray and on the second layer we have a marble tray with white rose petals on top! It pulls from the white roses I have on my side of the bed!

The Bedroom Overall

This is a custom pillow from Ethan Allen! I’m sure you can replicate it if wanted. The fabric is perfect!! & I mean PERFECT! We originally wanted our Bed Frame in this fabric but chose against it in order for our room to be more white + timeless.. I couldn’t leave without the fabric somewhere in our home! & here she is!

The coverlet is from one of our absolute fave companies! The White Company. We own quite a few things from them! This coverlet has amazing detailing. To die for!!!! I sadly cannot find it for sale anywhere.

I’m sure you noticed my cute blanket at the end of the bed… I think everyone needs a Minky Couture blanket in their lives! You can shop my exact Minky blanket HERE.

The Euro Shams that are in the perfect champagne color with the right amount of shimmer are from Ethan Allen and are linked HERE.

There was one other pillow I use daily but didn’t photograph and you can find that one at Ethan Allen HERE. If you can’t tell, we love Ethan Allen!

Our bed frame is what dreams are made of. We decided on the Jensen Bed from Ethan Allen and we love it so much. They have a lot of colors and fabrics that you can choose from, which I loved, because you can choose the perfect color to go in your space. You can shop the Jensen Bed HERE.

Our beautiful nightstands are also from Ethan Allen! You can shop the Heston Glass-Top Nightstands HERE.

We also have the matching dresser not shown in photos! You can shop the Heston Dresser HERE. Both are in the perfect Ivory White called “Ascot.”

For our mattress, we went with the Sleep Number i10. It is a Split California King & let me tell you, it’s HEAVENLY having your own official side of the bed! If you pair this mattress with Sleep Number’s Lyocell Sheets and the Snuggle Pedic Pillows, you’ll never want to leave your bed! You can shop the mattress HERE, the sheets HERE and the pillows HERE.

As always, I love you guys! Be sure to check out my other blog posts HERE & stay a while! <3

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