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June 29, 2020

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Welcome to Nicole Carey Co.!

Triple Berry Pie 3.17.20

Hello! Welcome to Nicole Carey Co.! My name is Nicole Carey and I am SO happy that you are here!! I have been working the past couple of months to build a website where you all could go to get inspiration, my recipes and get to know me a little bit more! I plan to share bits and pieces in all areas that set my heart on fire!

As you ALL KNOW!!!… The first thing that I LOVE is being in the kitchen!! This has always been a passion of mine.. When I was little I remember helping my mom as much as she possibly would let me. I would take over the measuring cups or mixing the ingredients in the bowl. In middle school, I remember taking Chef School where I learned basic recipes like scones and sweet potato fries! When I was in high school I elected to be in Culinary Arts. I look back with fond memories of being taught how to make fancy crab cakes with fish eggs on top by my teacher, a well known Chef in Seattle.. or creating and packaging dozens of baked brie that we sold to the community during the holidays! SO FUN!!!

Since getting married in May 2019, it’s really helped to spread my wings. More than I ever saw possible. Being able to create my own home + kitchen, how Christopher and I enjoy it has truly sparked this desire even deeper than before! Cookbooks came flying my way, memories began flooding in my mind of all the traditional dishes that I grew up eating..

On top of that, I’m lucky to be married into a family that LOVES food! To be blessed with wonderful in-laws who have previously owned their own restaurant on top of different food side gigs that kept them happily busy throughout their early married years! I’ve learned a lot from them and I always enjoy bouncing ideas off of their knowledge and bringing new pies or recipes to their home for them to taste test and critique to better my skill set and recipes!

This is the start to Nicole Carey Co.! I hope to share recipes, experiences and behind the scenes of where my heart takes me! I want to make you feel welcome and inspired in all areas of your daily life! THANK YOU for being here!!! <3

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xo, Nicole Carey

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