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February 4, 2021

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Best Mackenzie-Childs Starter Pieces

Hello hellllllo! I just received in two new Mackenzie-Childs pieces to add to my little baby collection! Mackenzie-Childs is something you slowly build upon and get more as time goes on! Today, I am going to share with you how I built out my collection so far and some of my favorite pieces!

Building Your Collection

This is exactly the way I built my collection.. SO FAR that is! There is no way this is all the Mackenzie-Childs I will own in my lifetime! Within these items, there are SO many choices of designs and styles! Courtly Check is their classic look and it happens to be my personal favorite! I will show you the order that I added in pieces and I could not have been happier with how I’ve done it!

#1 Tea Kettle

My first Mackenzie-Childs item! Without a doubt, the most perfect starting piece of everything is a Mackenzie-Childs Tea Kettle! There is nothing more classic than the black and white checkered beauty on your stovetop!!

My favorite of all + the one I own: Courtly Check Enamel 3 Qt. Tea Kettle with Bird

Here are all of the other Courtly Check options that I love so much!

#2 Cookie Jar

I personally love cookie jars! I grew up with a cookie jar out on the counter and when I saw this one, I knew I needed it right away! It’s the perfect décor addition to your kitchen PLUS it can hold all of your delicious cookies!! There are plenty of Nicole Carey Co. Recipes for you to try HERE!

Here is the exact cookie jar I have: Cookie Jar with Courtly Check Enamel Lid

They also have a wide variety of canisters that are absolutely gorgeous!! You can use them as cookie jars as well! I definitely will be adding some of the canisters in shortly!

#3 Mug

Lastly, one of the most crucial and most affordable item to add into your Mackenzie-Childs collection are MUGS! Who doesnt love or have a good mug collection! I personally love and obsess over mugs. I’m one for quality and that is most importantly what you are getting here!

To start with I just got two of these delivered: Courtly Check Enamel Mug They match perfectly with my Tea Kettle and Cookie Jar!

I have put a couple of my faves here for you to shop!

My Top Three Mackenzie-Childs Starter Pieces

There you go! The most perfect pieces you can start your Mackenzie-Childs Collection with! And trust me! It will become a collection! Throughout time, you will continue to find more pieces and places that they can go! Simple, effortless, chic and sophisticated all at one! This is a brand you can get extravogant with real quick or something you can add touches to throughout your home!


The real question is.. are you a Mackenzie-Childs lover? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. Madelyn says:

    I love how simple and yet classic these pieces are. I like the simple color scheme with tiny pops of color or metals

    • Nicole Carey says:

      Me too! Simple, classic but yet a statement! That is why I love Mackenzie-Childs! There are many other patterns within her line but Courtly Check is my FAVE! xo, Nicole Carey!

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