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May 12, 2021

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Lake Tapps Day Trip

During the peak of the craziness last year while I was working from home full time, I would go a little stircrazy. Didnt we all?! Christopher is a Home Inspector and he is considered an essential buisness so nothing changed for him during that time. Lucky man!

To ease my anxiety and being stuck at home, I would join him on his drive to all of his inspections. We went all over the Greater Seattle Area and I would work from his truck! It was SUCH a fun and memorable time in our lives. The pandemic almost brought us closer and it definitely made me grateful for so many things in my life. Especially Christopher and our family!

I currently still have a hybrid schedule and work from home for half of the week. Christopher called me up and let me know that he was going to Lake Tapps and if I wanted to go! It worked out perfectly!! All my work I could do from the car and I jumped in the truck and we were off!! Lake Tapps Day Trip it is!

You never realize how grateful you are for something until it’s a memory. It was such a sentimental moment to have a day like we had in probably some of the darkest days in the world that we had to navigate through together. This day was a reminder of all the blessings we have in our life and what we need to be grateful for.

Stack 571

Of course we had to stop and get lunch together! We had never tried Stack 571 before! We LOVE a good burger. Our fave place locally based is Tipsy Cow! There is one in Woodinville and one in Redmond! AMAZE! I always get “The Arsonist” and I 1000000% recommend. OR, go to Katsu Burger and get their “Godzilla Attack.” I’m your girl if you love all things spicy!!!

SO! Stack 571 was on the way back home and we decided to give it a shot and HOLY!!! So so glad we did! One of my new faves! They have a couple locations all spread throughout The Greater Seattle Area! Such a fun vibe too!!! Locally sourced.. all things you want in a restaurant! We are HUGE on supporting LOCAL!!!!!

The Menu

The Food

The Banh Mi Burger

HOLY AMAZING! I highly highly recommend trying this! I’ve never had a flavor combo like this on a burger!

The Three Pepper Bomb Burger

Ok this one SLAPS! And if you dont know what it means when something “slaps”… well, it means its INCREDIBLE and soemthing you thoroughly enjoyed and would get again!

Parmesan Truffle Fries

These Parmesan Truffle Fries were the perfect match with the burgers we chose! The sauces are house made and were divine as well but the fries themselves were incredible as well!

On Tap Root Beer

This is something we ordered last minute and I forgot to get a pic of! If you’ve never had on top root beer, you arent living!!! Next time you go to a restaurant with craft beers on tap, ask them or check the menu for root beer! INSANELY amazing. You’ll be obsessed in no time!

Lake Tapps Day Trip – AMAZING!

This was just a perfect day with my husband. One where it makes you stop and realize how grateful you are for the simple things. People you love, nature and some good food! What more could you ask for?!

A good ol’ selfie to complete all the memories! 🙂 What’s a day without gold hoops, lashes and some lip gloss!


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