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April 24, 2021

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Earth Day 2021 Event

Earth Day Event 2021

One thing you should know about me.. I love and am SO grateful for my job! The company I work for isTranswestern Commercial Real Estate Services. I absolutely love the work culture! My coworkers are the best and in general it feels like my little home away from home! Plus, I love working in Downtown Bellevue. I work across from the best shopping in the State of Washington!

Fun Fact: The day after my high school graduation, I started my big girl job in Residential Property Management. Since then I’ve had a fun road working in Student Housing Property Management, the Mortgage Industry, the Esthetics Industry, the Tech Industry and then I landed back in Property Management in the Commercial side! It’s been so fun to learn from each job and industry that I’ve spent time in. It’s a close tie between Commercial Property Management and Student Housing Property Management for my faves!!

I was SO elated to actually be back to in-person events this month. Well, as much as we can be! I set-up a grab & go station in both of my buildings lobbies. This was the best I could do for the restrictions our state still has. I was shocked with how many people were actually on-site and loved the event! It made me happy to know that there was a little spark of joy in everyones day!

Plaza Center Lobby Set-Up

Ok, first of all.. PEEP the new cafe that has gone into our building during this past year! HOLY BEAUTIFUL! It clearly isn’t all complete just yet! It’s the perfect addition to our property and it has been so fun seeing it all come to life! I low-key wish I could have designed this space. One of my passions is interior design and if I went back to college, I would go into interior design or architecture of some sort! SO FUN!

Christopher and I’s running joke is that I’m on every city council in every city. If ONLY you could hear my conversations! Everything in my brain needs to be “built up.” When we are driving and I see potential in a certain property or land, I envision how it could be in it’s best state! Just BUILD IT UP!!! That is literally what our conversations consist of on mini roadtrips or driving around town.

That’s partly why I love being involved in Commercial Property Management. There is endless potential to learn about all the functions it takes to run a property and it makes me so so interested in all of the plans for Downtown Bellevue! There are SO many buildings being built right now. Bellevue in 5 years is gonna be INSANE! I can’t wait to see it all come to life!

US Bank Lobby Set-Up

I mirrored the set-up to be the same in each lobby! I think it turned out just perfect for the amount of people that were occupying the building! The US Bank Building is a mid-rise and quite a bit smaller with the amount of tenants on site!

Hello Robin Cookies

The cookies shown above, I ordered were from Hello Robin! One of the best local cookie shops here in the Greater Seattle Area! They have two locations. Their first location on Capital Hill & their second location that just opened in University Village or as we call it U-Village!

Native Plants from Brookstone Landscape & Design

We had our vendor Brookstone bring a whole variety of different plants for our tenants to take! You know I gravitated to the white flowers! How CUTE!!

The Flyer

If you know, you know. Canva is the BEST! For literally everything!!! I make all my flyers for work, my blog… all the things with Canva!! It’s so fun!! But really, I love how easy and intuitive it is!!

Recycled Paper with Embedded Wildflower Seeds

Ok WUT! Look how incredible these turned out! I found the absolute best little Etsy Shop to help me with these! The world is recycled paper with embedded wildflower seeds!! HOW COOL!!! The Etsy Shop I found it through is called Daisy Giggles!! They have a ton of wonderful things!

I was so so happy with how these turned out. I put them in compostable plastic sleeves to protect them and set them in little holders on each table! LOVE!!!

Earth Day Candy

I found these Earth Candies on for a really great price point compared to other distributors! They also have SUPER fast shipping! It was incredible!

Earth Day Stickers I found on Amazon! The good ol’ reliable Amazon. It came in a huge variety and was wonderful for sealing the compostable plastic bags!!


Earth Day is such an important day to remember how important The Earth truly is! It helps us to reflect and find ways that we can treat her better and reduce our impact. I hope you enjoyed this fun rundown of one of my events I put on! I have many more to come!


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