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August 27, 2020

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Current OBSESSION: My Three Barrel Curler!! + Beauty RANT!

Welcome to another side of me! A huge lover of ALL. THINGS. BEAUTY. Anything beauty industry related has a VERY special place in my heart! <3 Inside knowledge.. I actually went to Esthetics School in 2017 and graduated with a 4.0! S/O to “The Euro Institute of Skin Care” in Renton, WA! Where I hated my life and my skin hated me every day but I MISS IT so much now looking back in hindsight.

I’m currently Licensed in WA State! &&& YES! I get the mega discounts which honestly, is WORTH IT!!! Christopher loves it too 😉 (he’s my better half and literally is just as much of a beauty guru as me!!!.. maybe I’ll get him to share his FAVES! He has lots of tried and trues….. andddd he cuts his own hair a couple times a week! I know, I SCORED in the husband department!) ANYWAYsssss, although I currently don’t work as an esthetician… I’m my own skincare specialist and help my friends and family when wanted!

I love seeing my friends who’ve graduated and people I’ve met in the industry.. be able to learn from them & see them for beauty treatments!!! It’s so fun to stay connected with a passion I love so much!!

BUT… I do LOVE working in Commercial Real Estate and planning alllll the events, marketing, working in accounting and dealing with all things tenant relations plus the long list of things of other things that I love!

If you cant tell… I go on rants. It’s in my blood. If you’ve followed me for a while on IG… I go on and on. People love me for it and I’m alllll about it!!! OR they can’t stand it and to them I say ta-ta!!! HA, I’m all being true to yourself and who you are!

A HUGE trend right now is Three Barrel Curling! I was most definitely late on this train but WHO FREAKIN’ CARES!!!! Go out, get yourself one and fall in love with yourself and your hair that much more!!! HAHA, if anyone truly knows me… they know I’m just a little vain. &&& I have to share one of my most FAVE quotes regarding that!

If we arent VAIN to some extent, we DO. NOT. LOVE. OURSELVES!!!! If we dont take the time to find ways to make ourselves feel pretty, love ourselves that much more and be comfortable in our skin.. we will NOT be happy and we will not have “sanity” or PEACE in our lives!!!

The number one thing I seek in every single thing in my life is Peace. It is the one emotion Satan cannot replicate and the one emotion that I can feel closest to my Heavenly Father! & yes, I just wrapped God and his love into this!!! Let your light SO SHINE!!! God is a huge huge part of my life and I will never shy away from sharing it with other! <3

Heavenly Father gave us our bodies, our hair, our eyes, our skin and SO MUCH MORE! Quite literally EVERYTHING we are and ever will be! He wants us to be happy, find ways to bring that to life and to share that happiness with others!!

Call me crazy, but this is my view on beauty!… The more the merrier! BUT, you better be working on your inner beauty at the same time! No matter the amount of outer beauty.. if you don’t have that beauty and love for yourself on the inside.. it doesnt add up and it’s harder for people to appreciate who you are if you become “VAIN” in what the world understands it to mean plainly.. & from girls like that, “vanity” gets its bad rep because they think of shallow, and self centered young girls!

That does NOT neeed to be the case! You CHOOSE who you are and who you WANT TO BE!!!! Don’t let stigmas or what others think of you get in the way of loving you and showing that to the world! I promise you, someone looks up to you, stalks you and wants to learn more from you!!!! <3 Work on the inside just as much as the inside and BOOM you’re everything you want to be ALL AT ONCE!!!!

Wow! This became a lot more than I thought it would be, BUT that’s what I want this space to be! A place for me to share, let you see who I am a little more and basically just blog about all the randomness in my life!

OKAYYYYY, drumroll for the…….


Here she is!!! This is the “High Tide Deep Wave Hair Crimper” by Amika! Amika is one of my fave brands! They have such fun products and they always smell AMAZING!!!!! <3

I got mine at a beauty supply store but I did find it both on Sephora (which has sadly been sold out for a while)… but that’s a good thing! Because it’s THAT INCREDIBLE!!! The other place I found it was on QVC…. and the GOOD NEWS, is that it’s HALF. THE. PRICE.

At Sephora: CLICK HERE


I know that if you’re looking for a more affordable option, there are different ones on Amazon and all over the internet! I only want to share products that are tried & true…. ones that I truly love! Do your own research & find what is best for YOU and your needs!

Hope you all enjoy! Send me allllll the pics of you dolled up & beautified!


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