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August 27, 2021

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Create. Serve. Learn.


My new favorite guiding light. No matter what is going on around me I have full control over these three areas in my life.

All of these words are verbs. Meaning we have to take action in order to feel fulfillment.

You are NOT Alone

While the world around you feels heavy, you’re going through your own challenges and trials others may not understand/know of or you don’t even want to be alive anymore because of the pressure on you right now.

Please please, KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE🤍🙏🏼 We are all experiencing challenges stronger than ever. We were created for a time like this knowing that each struggle would create something more beautiful in the end.

I truly believe and know that we can fortify each other through our own actions and by most importantly, looking outward. It’s so easy to wrap your mind and heart up in all that is going on in the world that we don’t have control over. Or maybe we don’t know why something is happening to us and we feel like we’ve been dealt enough.

Dig deep and try to find the true meaning and lesson we are called to know. Work on your mind, your heart and your spirit to feel and know your personal path with God. He truly wants you to be happy. Until we find joy in the journey we will always be miserable with whatever it is that is surrounding us. We can’t change what is around us but we can and we will change who we are, what we do and how we respond to it.

Reflect and Take Action

Today, take time to reflect and see how you can Create, Serve and Learn!

✨Create: bring something into existence
✨Serve: perform duties or services for others or an organization
✨Learn: gain or acquire knowledge or a skill in something

These three things are what God wants us to find joy in. These are the things that matter and will last. What we are creating. Who we are serving. And what we are continually learning!

Tell me in the comments what this inspired you to do more of🕊 I’m going to make a pie and bring it to someone I love💫🥧

Share with someone who needs to hear this!🙏🏼🌟

Read the Talk that Inspired This

Talk: There is Hope Smiling Brightly before Us by Julie B. Beck (April 2003 LDS General Conference)


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