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March 24, 2021

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Best Brunch in Scottsdale | Prep & Pastry

OK… lets talk about one of our most FAVE cafes and brunch spots in Scottsdale! Prep & Pastry! It’s quite literally the cutest little brunch spot you could ever find! Prep & Pastry does have two other locations in Tucson but this is by far the most IG worthy of all three! Trust me! Located right across from my beloved Nordstrom at Fashion Square in Old Town Scottsdale, you’re destined to have the perfect brunch!

The Aesthetic

First of all, let’s talk about how PERFECT their coffee & pastry bar is! I love their overall aesthetic.. its clean, fresh and HAPPY! When you walk into Prep & Pastry, you’re ready to have a good day! You better be ready to grab a cute pic, because it’s hard to not leave without one….

Bathroom Aesthetic

Bathrooms and I go round and round…. There is NOTHING and I mean nothing better than entering a bathroom that is well taken care of. And on top of that, a bathroom that is pleasing to the eye.. that smells good and makes you feel clean. A restaurant is an experience and if all areas aren’t balanced, its hard for me to want to go back. This, clearly meets the eye, the nose and cleanliness!

The Delicious Food

This is the “Classic” and if you know me…. French Toast is the way to my heart! SO DELICOUS and this whole dish was perfectly balanced and I would most definitely get it again!

brioche, macerated berries, candied almonds, chai butter

The “Cast Iron Duck Confit.” A beautiful mess of yumminess. You know when something is so good you just keep eating it because you want to memorize the flavors but every bite gets better? Yeah, that’s this! 10/10

braised duck, shallots, spinach, cabernet braised cherries, prep’s potatoes, cherry goat cheese mousse, over easy eggs

This is “The Beni” and HOLLLLLY! Wow was this good. The combination of all the flavors and textures were beyond what we expected! 10/10 recommend! Would love to make this at home but wouldn’t want to ruin my beautiful memory of it!

cured pork belly, asparagus, poached eggs, goat cheese hollandaise, herbed cheddar biscuit

They have a vast drink menu! Super yummy options!

I mean who doesn’t love a good aerial shot of their yummy brunch! Nothing better than some food pics for the travel diary wherever you go! Food is the way to our hearts! <3

More Aesthetic

A MUST Visit for Brunch in Scottsdale | Prep & Pastry

Without a doubt, you are going to love every minute and bite at Prep & Pastry! This is a go-to that you will want to return to frequently when visiting Scottsdale! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


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