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March 19, 2021

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Orson Gygi | The Baking Mecca!

Orson Gygi | The Baking Mecca!

Orson Gygi is what I call.. The Baking Mecca! It truly is a Mecca in the Baking World! If you’re a lover of anything kitchen and specifically baking, this is your store! This is a non-negotiable MUST VISIT at some point in your life.

Gygi is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. They were founded in 1945. The store is still family owned and ran. When you’re shopping there, you feel like you’re part of the family. To this day there is only one location. As much as I would love to have them everywhere like some of my other fave kitchen stores, it wouldn’t be the same! Having one location makes this place so special and such a treat!

When we went to Salt Lake back in October of 2019 with Christopher’s Parents, we made this a literal point to stop here. It was my first time and holllllllly. You will die when you first walk in their warehouse. One of the workers took us under his wing and he showed us everything. We went on a chocolate testing in the back. It was incredible! I found my absolute fave baking chocolate that I haven’t strayed from since then!

Within their store, they host Cooking Classes. From Chocolate Classes, to Knife Skill Classes, Pasta Classes all the way to Cake Classes! What more could you ask for! Basically anything you’d be interested to host, they have it there for you!

If you are looking for ANYTHING, you can find it at Gygi!

From the cutest and I mean CUTEST party supplies… to the most on-trend sprinkles… to the highest quality in chocolate and caramel. You are destined to find all that you want, need or come across when shopping at my absolute favorite Baking Mecca, Orson Gygi!

I hope all of you baking and cooking fanatics like me can make it there at some point! You’ll absolutely fall in love just like I have! <3

Orson Gygi – Easter Edition!

While we were there Gygi had all their Easter Goodies out! So so cute! I took a couple of pictures to show you how INCREDIBLE their selection is! This is really only 1/1000th of their whole entire store!


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