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August 5, 2020

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FAVE Affordable Kitchen Essentials

The cutest account on Instagram @babesfavs asked me to do a little segment for them on my fave affordable kitchen essentials! I dug through my kitchen to find my most loved and reliable tools day in and day out!

Here is the link to my IGTV if you want to watch it!

Tupperware Mix-N-Stor Pitcher

This is the mecca of all things mixing!! If you aren’t making something big enough for your stand mixer, this is for YOU!!! The white lid pops off and you can fit your hand mixer into it perfectly for any recipe that you need to whip up quickly!! I use this for whip cream ALL. THE. TIME. It protects your kitchen from getting splattered and it simplifies everything! I highly HIGHLY recommend this. Shoutout to my mother-in-law, who got this for us! It’s a tried and true!

Cuisinart 9-Speed Handheld Mixer

Christopher and I searched and SEARCHED for the best hand mixer. We had a different one previously and it did not do its job whatsoever. Speed + Power of your kitchen machines are always a huge factor!!! The efficiency matters in order to get the best bang for your buck. Plus, it makes you happy with what you are spending your money on! This is absolutely AMAZING!!! I couldn’t find the exact model of ours. Fortunately, this is the upgraded version of ours!! I’m sure its better than what we have! & of course it’s white, because well… if you know me, white is LIFE!!! & if you’re new around here, you’ll catch the drift soon enough!!! Don’t hesitate on this one! The price is a little higher than I remember but I promise that this will last and you will be happy with it for a long, long time!!

Nielsen-Massey Pure Vanilla Extract

If you read my last Amazon Haul… YOU. ALREADY. KNOW. This is my favorite vanilla ever! Enough said!!

Nielsen-Massey Pure Vanilla Bean Paste

Same thing, this was on my last Amazon Haul…….. HOLY. GRAIL. My fave vanilla bean paste that I use alllll the time in literally everything. Do yourself a favor and go buy it!!!

Garlic Press + Peeler Set

We got this as a wedding gift and it is the most simple + HELPFUL thing in the kitchen! We love love LOVE garlic and this has made our lives sooo much easier!!! This isn’t the exact model that we have but it’s the same in all ways! You get the peeler, which is a silicone tube that you stick the garlic in and roll around to get the skin off. From there, you use the rocking garlic press to get it all perfect for your delicious dinner that you are preparing!! What’s cool is that this one comes with a brush to help clean out the holes! Ours doesn’t have that with it but BOY do I wish we had one! LIFE. SAVER.

Thermoworks ThermoPop Thermometer

This one is prettty self-explanatory. Everyone needs a thermometer in their life! I picked this one up when we were in Utah last October at Orson Gygi, my FAVE place of all!! I went a little crazy when I got in that store! I wish they were all over but the only place it is located is in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you get a chance, I would highly recommend stopping by there! A thermometer is used for basically everything in the kitchen. I make weekly homemade bread for my family and this is key to making sure your water is temped correctly! You don’t want under-temped or over-temped yeast! I also use this when I make cream pies, temp meat and so much more! You don’t need this exact one but this is a best seller at Orson Gygi and was recommended to me by a very knowledgeable worker! I love it and recommend it! <3

Williams-Sonoma Signature Stainless Steel 5-Inch French Whisk

This is my little baby!!! If I had a number one favorite tool that I’m obsessed with, it’s this!!!! We originally had the 7-Inch French Whisk but I had so many different odd jobs that I needed more control over with a smaller version of it. When we added in a 5-Inch French Whisk, my kitchen life was COMPLETE! This is perfect for any job you need to get done!!! & don’t be shy with any of Williams-Sonoma’s Stainless Steel tools! They are incredible and we stand by them for all of our kitchen needs!

All Clad 5-Piece Silicone Spatulas

These are a little bonus throw in. They are a little pricey compared to other spatulas.. but trust me when I say that these are AMAZING! I use them for everything in the kitchen. There are so many different sizes and shapes that you are destined to have every last drop of your recipe used!!!


I hope you enjoyed this little haul of some of my fave affordable kitchen essentials! Please reach out with any questions!!! I love you all! <3

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