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December 14, 2020

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Christmas Card Tradition!

2020 Cards in front of my Christmas Tree!

Christmas Card Tradition

Christmas Cards have ALWAYS been a tradition growing up for my family. I mean every year my mom would sit down and write a complete ESSAY on our family. No joke. I should go scrounging to find these beauts. There is nothing like reading a year in review. Looking back my mom was really “on trend” lol… sending out yearly blog posts before blogs were a thing! GO MOM!!! Back then, it really was the way you connected with your friends and family before social media!! Ohhh the simple days!

By chance, I just come across a picture of one of our more recent cards. Our 2012 Christmas Card! It’s a GEM! My black hair days.. I need to go find the goodies from when I was way younger but this will do for now!

Anywho.. the number one tradition I wanted to keep ALIVE for Christopher and I at Christmas Time was this and single handedly THIS!!! Christmas Cards are family history and I want to be able to show our kids one day and eventually grandkids the progression of The Carey Family!!

Carey Christmas Card 2019

Last year was our first married Christmas together and we had so much fun putting together our first card!!! It truly was gorgeous and so us!

Here is the photo we went with for 2019! This was taken at Molbak’s in Woodinville, WA! This is one of my FAVE little boutique/nurseries in the area. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend! It’s incredible! If you live in the Greater Seattle Area, you absolutely need to go! This was taken in their tree farm area. I stopped a random stranger take it for us!!! Gotta do what you gotta do! I definitely know that would NOT fly in 2020!

For our 2019 card printing company, I decided to go with the reliable Minted! I absolutely love their designs & quality of cards! It was such a great choice for us!! Simplistic & classy, just how I love everything in our life!

This is the final product of what our card looked like! Of course, I took a cute pic of it on my favorite marble table!!

Carey Christmas Card 2020

For 2020, I was lucky to collaborate with a small card company called Lovely Little Cards located in Austin, TX! I absolutely LOVE supporting small businesses and I was so proud to be stepping up and helping others dreams come to life through our normal day to day and year to year purchases! Instead of choosing larger established printing companies like I did last year without thinking, I was elated to be working with Lovely Little Cards for our 2020 Christmas Card!

This is the photo we went with for 2020!

We went to Arizona for Christopher’s 30th in October and I set-up a photoshoot in the desert for memories! We used one of the beautiful photos we got back on our card for 2020! I love it so so much & it was DREAMY! The terrain and weather is NOTHING like Seattle and I wanted to capture that on his special landmark birthday getaway for years to come! & DUH, your girl wanted more photos….. TEHE!

I chose the most fitting card design to go with our golden hour photo! The design incorporates gold into it white keeping it classy and timeless of course! I couldn’t have been more happy with how it came out!!

On the back, it had a gold design and said “Love, The Careys 2020.” Simple simple simple! That is what I live by! Less is more!

And of course, AGAIN! I took a photo of it quickly on our marble table!

This year was different for every single one of us but it is traditions like this that have kept me going! Knowing that I have full control over my happiness and the perspective I keep. Christmas Cards not only bring happiness into my life but they bring happiness into the lives of others and for that reason alone it makes the time spent on them that much more worth it!


I ordered too many cards & if you haven’t received one and would like to, feel free to fill out the link HERE! I’ll be sending out one more batch before the end of the year! <3

I’ve LOVED sending them to all of my Instagram friends.. it’s been a super fun year creating and building relationships through Nicole Carey Co.! I LOVE YOU ALL!

Merry Christmas! xoxo,

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